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Pet Odor Treatment

Pet Odor Treatment

At Zerorez® carpet cleaning, we understand that your family's pet can be your carpet's worst enemy.

Discoloration & Odor

Urine is acidic when it enters carpet - and it oxidizes as it dries. This causes the yellowing effect you may see in your floors. Oxidation, along with the ammonia and urochrome in urine, can permanently dye the color of your carpet. With Zerorez® Biological Matter Treatment, we treat the contaminated fibers to remove as much as much of this yellowing as possible.

As urine dries, a bacterial and chemical change occurs. Acidic urine becomes alkaline, forming urea salts that attract moisture and can keep odor-causing bacteria alive for years. In order to safely and effectively clean your home, biological matter must first be neutralized to destroy bacteria, fighting odor at its source. Zerorez® cleans in one of two ways with the help of Zr Disinfect™:

  • A topical treatment that cleans only the carpet fibers
  • A sub-surface treatment that will address the urine in the backing of the carpet and the pad below.

A Specialized Method

In some cases our standard Zerorez® carpet cleaning process may be all that is needed. In more severe cases, when the urine soaks through the carpet backing into the padding, we have a specialized method to remove these difficult pet odors and stains through a pad extraction procedure.

Unfortunately, in some cases the problem is extremely severe, encompassing the sub floor and tack strips. In this situation, our technician may recommend carpet/pad replacement provided by a third party carpet repair professional.